hicloud CVPC

CaaS-based VPC, CVPC

Various models of virtual machine(VM) with flexible/optional networking and security items strengthen all-round competitiveness.

To solve the IT problems like high cost, time-consuming procurement processes, complex management, cloud services are considered the best solution to many enterprises. Based on the experience of designing and maintaining own ""hicloud CaaS/VPC"" cloud services, Chunghwa Telecom provides new cloud service ""hicloud CVPC"" established in the local and certified datacenters in Taiwan. hicloud CVPC has various models of virtual machine(VM) with flexible/optional networking and security items, which enable customers to build their own private cloud easily and quickly.

Various Models of Virtual Machine(VM)

hicloud CVPC provides Various VM models in Basic purpose(b), Compute optimized(c), Memory optimized(m) categories. You can choose one model first and upgraded/downgraded to another anytime when needed in the hicloud User Portal webpage.

Modular and Optional Networking Items

To satisfy the different needs in different situations, there are many modular and optional networking items in hicloud CVPC, such as subnets, VPN connection ports, load balancers, etc.. You are free to choose what you need and only have to pay by the hour for the items you choose.

Numerous Security Items

To have a more secure IT environment, hicloud CVPC provides optional IPS(Intrusion Protection System), DDoS protection and other security items to block malicious activities, reduces the security risks and grants a safe cloud environment to you.

Optimized Interconnection between Cloud/Physical Environments

hicloud CVPC can interconnect with equipment in high-level Chunghwa Telecom IDC datacenters and create a virtual-physical hybrid IT environment to meet customers' needs.

Equip Official Websites with Rich Multimedia Contents

The official websites are the facade of the company. Via rich multimedia contents and applications, today official websites can interact with users more deeply than traditional static websites, but more computing power is also needed to running rich multimedia contents smoothly. Placing official websites in hicloud CVPC VMs, you can get more computing power by upgrading VM models when more and more visitors visiting your official websites, and you can put rich multimedia contents in the inexpensive hicloud S3 cloud storage spaces, which works flawlessly with hicloud CPVC. If the sensitive data has to be integrated into the websites, you can also place your own storage equipment and data into Chunghwa Telecom IDC datacenters then interconnects with hicloud CPVC. That gives you a high performance, economical and well-protected environment for your official websites.

Flexible Environment for Short-Term Projects

While taking cost and management complexity into consideration, buying new IT equipment to execute a short-term project only was not an economical nor reasonable decision, because the IT staff usually had to spent more time to purchase/install/setup the new equipment than the project itself, and the equipment could be put aside after the project if no suitable place can be found. By utilizing hicloud CVPC, you can rent the VMs and other items only when you need them, and pay the fee by the total time you use. Thanks to the fast deployment and flexible/modular items, you can build the environment in days, which effectively shortens the setup time comparing to buying new equipment. This gives you the advantages in saving money and getting online really fast and make the short-term project more sensible in cost and management aspects.