hicloud S3

hicloud S3

Infinite space with flexible utilization gives you unlimited possibilities!

hicloud S3 (Simple Storage Service) provides infinite cloud storage spaces and you can access S3 via Internet anytime, anywhere. There is no preemptive fee and monthly cost is calculated mainly based on the actual storage space in use. By utilizing Restful APIs, web portal or third-party tools, manage S3 is easy and able to be customized to meet various needs.

An affordable massive data backup choice

hicloud S3 is one of the most economical cloud storage services in the market, and there are several methods for enterprises and individuals to put data backup to S3 with ease and low cost. You can even encrypt data and set the schedule to auto upload to S3 to enhance security and cut down the trouble of manual backup.

Interact with other services and create innovations

Due to the enormous need of browsing/Downloading files, images, videos, you can integrate Restful API into applications to access hicloud S3 directly, which makes S3 a fileserver with high availability and high speed. Thanks to these benefits, your customers will have the steady and fast service, and the loading of your servers, bandwidth and costs are getting lower and lower at the same time.

High performance, high reliability and high security

The distributed architecture of hicloud S3 makes it possible to execute multiple large batch operations simultaneously and have 3 identical copies (2 in hicloud Taipei, 1 in hicloud Tainan, all auto-synced) of each file on S3 anytime. Besides, there are several security measures such as public key authentication, access control lists management, SSL encrypted transmission, public IP filtering, etc. to fortify the integrity and safety of your files on S3.

Remote backup solution for enterprise data

To enhance the backup security and convenience, hicloud S3 can be accessed directly in many storage devices such as NAS and storage appliance. For instance, enterprises which need data remote backup can put all the data into NAS, then set up the auto/scheduled/incremental backup to S3 in the same device. When the data is uploaded to S3, S3 will auto replicate/sync the data to 2 copies in hicloud Taipei and 1 copy in hicloud Tainan. Now enterprises have data backuped in 3 different places(local NAS, Taipei, Tainan) and one distance among 3 places is about 250 kms(from Taipei to Tainan) at least, which equips the data with remote backup capability.

Home base of digital content services

Generally speaking, build digital content services on your own devices will cost lots of money and time for hardware, networking, and maintenance, etc.. Build the same services on hicloud S3, you can save huge amount of spending, reduce the effort of manual configuration, and get the superior performance compared to the former situation. Moreover, S3 connects to the Chunghwa Telecom HiNet backbone network directly or can be integrated with Chunghwa Telecom CDN service, both can transmit digital contents fast and high-quality to large audience and make your services popular and prosper.