hicloud S3

The price of storage related services

Product Name Price (TWD)
Storage (GB / Month) 0.75
API Access
PUT,COPY,POST, or LIST Reques 0.2
(every 1,000 times)
GET and all other Requests 0.2
(every 1,000 times)
Delete Requests free

1. The amount of storage space is calculated based on the maximum usage per hour, and monthly billing is made on a monthly basis (for example, 4GB is used and the monthly cost is 4GB * 0.75 TWD/GB = 3 TWD)
2. Example: In the month of May, 100GB storage space were used for 15 days, 200GB storage space were used for 10 days and 10GB storage space were used for 6 days. The storage cost for this month is ((100GBx15 days +200 GBx10 days +10 GBx6 days) / 31 days) * 0.75 TWD/GB = 86 TWD.
3. Please refer to the table below for API Access billing classification.

API Requests species Bucket Related APIs Object Related APIs
Put Bucket Post Object
Put Bucket ACL Put Object
Put Bucket Policy Put Object ACL
Put Bucket Logging Put Object - Copy
Put Bucket Versioning List Parts
Put Bucket Website Upload Part
Put Bucket Lifecycle Upload Part - Copy
GET Service (ListAllMyBuckets) Initiate Multipart Upload
GetBucket (List Objects) Complete Multipart Upload
GET and all others
GET Bucket ACL Head Object
GET Bucket Policy Get Object
GET Bucket Logging Get Object ACL
GET Bucket Versioning
GET Bucket Website
GET Bucket Lifecycle
GET Bucket Objects Versions
Head Bucket
Delete Bucket Delete Object
Delete Bucket Policy Delete Multiple Objects
Delete Bucket Website Abort Multipart Upload
Delete Bucket Lifecycle

The price of data transfer

Monthly Traffic Price (TWD/GB) Description
hicloud service transmission 0 Data transfer between hicloud other services (such as: CaaS, CVPC)
Data Transfer IN unlimited 0 The monthly amount of data transferred from the client to hicloud is free.
Data Transfer OUT
<10TB 3
The monthly amount of data transferred out from hicloud is charged by level fee.
>10TB 2.4
>40TB 1.9
>100TB 1.5
>500TB contact us

1. The above data transfer charge is based on the actual amount of usage, less than 1GB is charged by 1GB, the currency is TWD. The total cost of the traffic is based on the total traffic generated by all the leased services, and is billed on a monthly basis.
2. Example: Using 9TB, data transfer costs 9,216GB x 3 TWD/GB = 27,648 TWD. If you use 50TB, data transfer costs 51,200GB x 1.9 TWD/GB = 97,280 TWD.